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Amber Miller

Amber is a small business owner with real-world experience. In addition to writing articles for Gaebler.com, Amber Miller is busy running her businesses and raising a family.

Articles written by Amber Miller

  • Avoiding a Trend Company - Often it is tempting to get in on the latest trend in entrepreneurship. Be careful, the popular startups have some drawbacks. Read about how to evaluate your latest business ideas.
  • Balancing Act - Entrepreneurs face the challenge of balancing life and work to an extreme. When you love your job, as entrepreneurs do, it is often easy to neglect the rest of your life. Read some tips for putting balance back into your life.
  • Core Values - For many entrepreneurs, life is work and work is life. That makes it important to analyze your personal values as well as defining your business's mission. Here is a step by step guide to identifying your core values and using them to guide you in all aspects of your life.
  • Creating a Support Group for Starting Your Business - Every entrepreneur needs help. But where to go? Some of you best resources are closer than you think.
  • Extra Income When You Need It - In the current economy everyone, even entrepreneurs, are looking for opportunities to earn extra cash. Put your entrepreneurial knowledge to work with these easy tips for earning extra cash.
  • Healthcare Advise in Troubled Times - Today, healthcare coverage is a daily topic in the newspaper. Here are some cost effective options for small business owners to help improve the health of their employees.
  • Humble Beginnings: Start a Small Business - We all dream big, but perhaps starting small is the key to entrepreneurship. Read about some of the giant companies that started small and why that might be the best business tactic for you.
  • Marketing and Sports - We all dream of seeing our ad on Super Bowl Sunday. But it is just that, a dream. Or is it? Here is a strategy for getting your entrepreneurial venture in the sports marketing arena.
  • Sample Leasehold Improvement Plan - When applying for an SBA loan and signing a retail lease there are a lot of forms and paper work. In this article, we share a sample leasehold improvement plan. This is frequently requested by landlords prior to offering a retail lease.
  • Tips For Dressing For Success - Today there are more and more women entrepreneurs. Although women have broken through countless glass ceilings, they still need to be very conscious about what to wear. Here are some tips for the woman entrepreneur.


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