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Bail Bond Franchisors, Inc.

Love "Law and Order"? This business opportunity allows you to get up close and personal with the criminal justice system.

Franchise Profile — Bail Bond Franchisors, Inc.

Bail Bond Franchisors, Inc., the nation's largest retailer of bail & immigration court bonds, offers a retail bail bond store franchise program to select applicants seeking to enter the bail bond industry.

Bail is the amount of money required by the court to release a defendant from custody and to guarantee his/her appearance in court. Bail can range anywhere from $50 for a simple misdemeanor to $2 million for serious felonies. When bail is set high, most people will chose to rely on a Bail Bond Agency instead of trying to raise the cash for the full bail amount.

Once a bail bond is posted and the defendant is released, the Bail Bond Agency then becomes responsible for that defendants' appearance in court. If the defendant fails to appear when required the court will "forfeit" the bail bond and demand payment from the bail bond agency. The agency, in turn, will do what is necessary to return the defendant to custody and recover their costs.

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Bail Bond Franchisors, Inc.

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