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Interested in small business credit cards? We've assembled a large collection of helpful articles on small business credit cards. We also offer a comprehensive business credit card directory, making it easy for entrepreneurs to compare and apply for a variety of credit credit card offers. Links to secure online credit card applications are provided.

Small Business Credit Cards

  • Non-Bank Business Credit Cards - Shopping for small business credit cards? Don't forget to take a serious look at non-bank business credit cards. This is one of the fastest growing credit card types around, and for good reason.
  • Applying for Small Business Credit - If you don't yet have access to small business credit, you are likely very limited in what you can do to grow your business. Here are a few things to do before you apply for small business credit.
  • Applying for an Amex Business Credit Card - American Express offers small business owners a wide range of business credit cards designed to meet their evolving needs. We take a look at Amex small business credit cards.
  • No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Cards - Credit cards that offer 0% interest or low/no fees on balance transfers can be very attractive to small business owners. We take a look at no fee balance credit cards and provide insights on what you need to know when transferring credti card balances.
  • Small Business Credit Cards - Credit cards for small businesses cater specifically to the needs of entrepreneurs like you. We've researched the best small business credit cards. Choosing a credit card has never been this easy!
  • Choosing a Good Small Business Credit Card - Wondering how to choose a good small business credit card? For small business owners, a credit card in need can be a friend indeed. We discuss how to select a good small business credit card.

  • Business Credit Building - What's your business credit score? Business credit building is the exercise of establishing the creditworthiness of your business so that your business can borrow money without your having to give a personal guarantee.
  • Best Credit Cards for Small Business Owners - Credit card companies are racing to please small business owners with new offerings. Here's our latest take on the best small business credit cards.
  • Personal Guarantee on Business Credit Cards - A no-guarantee business credit card is not easy to find so most business owners will have to give a personal guarantee on their business credit card. Here's how a personal guarantee works, as well as a discussion on what it takes to get a no-guarantee business credit card.
  • Business Credit Card Perks - We summarize some popular business credit card perks and we highlight a few perks that are fairly new.
  • Small Business Credit Card Mistakes - Despite a growing reliance on credit cards, many small business owners still are making a few fundamental small business credit card mistakes.
  • Rental Car Insurance from Business Credit Cards - Small business credit cards have many benefits, but one that is often overlooked is insurance coverage when you rent a car. But don't take that credit card rental car insurance for granted. In some scenarios, you won't be covered.
  • Letting Employees Use the Company Credit Card - Issuing credit cards to employees allows your staff to make necessary purchases but it's not something to enter into without a plan and a few rules regarding employee credit card usage.
  • Lowe's Business Rewards Card from American Express - Need a good small business credit card? American Express OPEN and Lowe's Companies recently launched a new co-brand small business credit card called the Lowe's Business Rewards Card from American Express.
  • Contesting a Credit Card Charge - If you use small business credit cards, it's highly likely that you will one day need to contest a credit card charge. Here's what you need to know when contesting credit card charges.
  • How Merchant Accounts Improve Transactions - Entrepreneurs who sell products or services must decide whether to accept credit cards. When mulling their choice, they often center on the costs associated with and revenues which may be generated by having a merchant services account to process credit card payments. But they may overlook the fact that merchant accounts actually improve the efficiency of their transactions.
  • Merchant Account Solutions for Online Businesses - All online businesses must obtain a merchant services account in order to process credit card payments. There are numerous merchant services providers out there that can help with this. Here are some suggestions on what to look for before engaging their services.
  • Comparing Various Merchant Accounts - If an entrepreneur wishes to accept credit card payments, there are many different types of merchant services processing arrangements. Selecting the ideal provider and account are vital if the entrepreneur wishes to receive revenue in a timely manner. Here are some of the options available to entrepreneurs.
  • Merchant Accounts Accepting Credit Cards at Your Business - One of the choices you must make as an entrepreneur is whether or not to accept credit cards as a form of payment. To help you resolve this issue, here are some myths associated with credit card processing.
  • The Importance of a Business Credit Card - Many businesses have to have credit of some kind to operate. This is where the business credit card comes in. But how important is this form of credit?
  • Credit Card Reform? Not For Business Cards - America demanded credit card reform. So lawmakers in Washington passed the Credit Card Act of 2009 to give consumers protections from some of the draconian tactics of credit card companies. But those protections do no apply to business credit cards.
  • Managing Small Business Credit - Small business credit is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. Here are a few ways to make the most of your small business credit.
  • 4 Business Credit Myths That Could Bite You - Small business owners tend to make the mistake of thinking no one is watching their credit history because they are too small to be noticed. This is surely a misconception and this write up tells you why.
  • Does Your Business Need a Merchant Account? - One of the choices you must make as an entrepreneur is whether or not to accept credit cards as a form of payment. To help you resolve this issue, here are some myths associated with credit card processing.
  • Guidelines for Taking Credit Cards - Entrepreneurs may appreciate the importance of allowing customers to pay with credit cards. But these business owners may not be well-versed in the details of merchant services. Here are some guidelines for enabling a business to accept and process credit card payments.




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