August 12, 2020  

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Is your business data vulnerable to attacks by hackers, crooks, scammers, spammers and corporate spys? Don't understimate the importance of information security. Take steps to protect your data and information technology assets from the many bad guys who would love to slip past your defenses and get your information.

Information Security

  • Creating an Information Security Process - Creating an information security process is more than just a good idea it's essential in helping your business achieve its information security objectives. Here's a proven framework for defining an ongoing information security process for small businesses.
  • The Role of Senior Management in Securing Information - Without strong support from senior management, even the best information security processes can fail. Here's what senior management needs to know about their role in securing valuable company information.
  • How to Conduct an Information Security Risk Assessment - Assessing your organization's information security risks is a valuable first step in protecting important company information. But assessment can't be random " it has to be an intentional, systematic approach if it's going to be effective.
  • Managing Access Control to Secure Sensitive Information - Access control is all about giving the right people access to information without giving access to the wrong people. But in a fast-paced business environment, access requirements can be fluid. So what can you do to manage access control to sensitive information?
  • Common Information Security Attacks - There's a battle underway for your company's data. Knowing how the enemy operates is an important aspect of information security. Here are some common attack methods that the bad guys use to get access to your company information.
  • Identity Fraud - Identity fraud is on the rise, in large part because sensitive personal data is now floating across the web and being stored in hard drives throughout offices across the country. Is your data protected or are you vulnerable to identity fraudsters who might steal or stumble upon your confidential employee or customer data?

  • Online Security Tips for SMBs - How safe is your small business from online security threats. Maybe not as safe as you think it is. According to the experts, there are at least three web security practices your business needs to implement ASAP.




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