August 9, 2020  
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Reading the business plan executive summary is a critical part of evaluating a business plan. We offer tips for writing an executive summary that will transform a good executive summary into a great executive summary.

Business Plan Executive Summaries

  • The Art of the Executive Summary - Writing a good executive summary for a business plan is essential. Indeed, it's best to assume that the executive summary is the only business plan section that will be read.
  • Effective Executive Summaries - The executive summary of your business plan is the first thing investors read, and they may not get much further into your business plan. Here's how to make the most of your executive summary.
  • What Is An Executive Summary and Why Do I Need One? - You've already created a highly-detailed business plan, so why do you need to write an executive summary? Lots of reasons . . . Not the least of which is the fact that the executive summary might be the most important part of your entire business plan.
  • Executive Summary Writing Tips - Executive summaries are strategic elements of effective business plans. But the ability to create great executive summaries isn't intuitive. It's a learned skill . . . and our executive summary writing tip will help you kick the learning process into high gear.
  • Form And Content Of Executive Summary - You've got a great outline for a business plan, but do you have a great outline for an executive summary? The majority of successful executive summaries contain a handful of key elements. When it comes to the form and content of your executive summary, here's what you need to know.
  • Guidelines for Writing an Executive Summary - An executive summary introduces and summarizes your business plan. Writing a business plan is tricky, but writing an effective executive summary can be even more challenging. If you're at a loss about where to begin, these guidelines for writing an executive summary will get you started.

  • Good Executive Summary for a Business Plan - Many business plan executive summaries are disappointing. Writers convey information but fail to hit the most important points. We discuss what constitutes a good executive summary and how to tell if your executive summary is up to snuff.




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