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Buying computer speakers for business use? Cheap speakers are dime a dozen, but you could be disappointed with their sound quality and reliability. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your investment when buying computer speakers.

Speakers are usually built-in components of laptops.


Speakers are usually built-in components of laptops.

But if you're using a desktop computing platform or if your laptop's sound capabilities don't meet your standards, it's time to start shopping the computer speaker market.

There is a broad range of computer speakers available for PCs and Mac platforms. While a basic computer speaker system will suffice for most small business applications, there may be instances in which a more sophisticated system is more appropriate. Give some thought to the ways you will use your speaker system before you shop for products.

Types of Computer Speaker Systems

There are several types of speaker system solutions to choose from. Basic stereo speakers are simple, two-piece units with a left and right speaker. 2.1 speaker systems consist of stereo speakers plus a subwoofer (a speaker designed to capture low bass tones that are less than 100Hz). Full surround sound speaker systems feature an array of 5 to 7 speakers and a subwoofer.

The vast majority of small business owners can get by with a basic stereo speaker system. If sound quality is critical to your core business functions or if the system will be used in a large conference room, you should consider upgrading to a 2.1 or even a surround sound speaker system.

Other Considerations For Buying Computer Speakers

Let's talk about computer speaker costs for a moment. Cost is always a consideration when it comes to a technology purchase. Prices for computer speakers vary. Computer speakers range from $50-$500+ based on the complexity of the system and the features it provides. A reliable small business computer speaker system can usually be purchased in the low $100 range.

Available features run the gamut, but can dramatically enhance your computing experience. The ability to adjust bass/treble contrast or to mute the volume is a convenience many users expect in a computer speaker system package. Since many workers are increasingly using iPods and other digital music devices, you may also want to look for a product with an MP3 plug-in feature.

Connectability is something else to consider. Run of the mill external speaker packages connect through 3.5 mm mini plugs. For enhanced sound quality, you can also get speakers with USB connections that are capable of handling advanced operating functions.

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