August 14, 2020  
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To C Corp or not to C Corp? That is the question. C corps are the most common form of incorporation. We examine the pros and cons of forming a C Corporation.

C Corp

  • C Corp Versus S Corp - C corp or S corp? We discuss the differences between C corporations and S corporations, so you can make the right corporate formation decision for your business.
  • Forming a C Corporation - A C corporation can be a beneficial business structure for companies of all shapes and sizes. Forming a C corporation is definitely more involved than launching a sole proprietorship -- but it probably isn't as difficult as you think.
  • C Corporation Status Impact on Business Exit Proceeds - If you are a C corporation and are about to exit your business, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. Depending on factors like the structure of the sale, you could end up with a much higher tax burden than you expected.
  • How to Stop Being a C Corporation and Switch to Subchapter S Corporation - Forming a C corporation is not the right move for many business owners. If you regret adopting a C corporation designation, here are the steps involved in ending C corp status and switching to a more friendly S corp structure.
  • Advantages of a C Corp - While C corporation status may not be an appropriate business structure for many businesses, it remains a popular corporation formation vehicle because of the benefits it offers. Here are some of the C corp advantages that we think are worth considering.
  • C Corporation Taxes - C corporations are required to file taxes as a separate entity. That translates into some interesting tax ramifications that need to be understood before you decide to pursue a C corporation business designation.




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