August 6, 2020  

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Copyright laws protect original works of authorship. For business owners, understanding copyright rules and regulations is critical. You want to protect your own copyrights while making sure that you don't unwittingly engage in copyright infringement.


  • A World Without Copyright Laws - Copyright laws protect many but some argue that they hinder access to information. Imagine a world with no copyright laws. Would it be pure chaos or heaven on earth?
  • Does My Business Need A Copyright? - Intellectual property theft is a serious problem for small businesses. As a business owner, you need to protect your intellectual assets. But do you need a copyright to do it effectively?
  • Fair Use and Fair Dealing - Copyrighted material is completely protected under U.S. and international law, right? Maybe not. Fair use and fair dealing create opportunities for the legal use of copyrighted content.
  • What Is A Copyright? - You're a business owner, not an attorney. But that doesn't mean you can afford to ignore the subject of intellectual property protection. We'll tell you everything you need to know about copyrights for small businesses.
  • How Much Does A Copyright Cost? - How much does a copyright cost? That depends on a lot of factors . . . But maybe the better question is how much could it cost your business to not have a copyright?
  • Does A Copyright Cover Me Internationally? - You know how to register a copyright in the U.S. But your big concern is whether or not your U.S. copyright offers international protection for your intellectual property. And according to international law, you have good reason to be concerned.

  • Copyright State and Federal Differences - Copyright laws are designed to protect original works from unauthorized use. But who regulates copyright law state legislatures or the federal government?
  • Public Domain and Copyrights - Copyright laws protect your businesses original works from exposure in the public domain. But what exactly is the public domain and what role does it play in copyright protection?
  • Buying and Selling a Copyright - A copyright is more than an intangible asset it's an asset that has real value to buyers and sellers. But when it comes to buying and selling copyrights, a little information goes a long way.
  • Filing Your Copyright Online - Filing a copyright registration form is a critical step in protecting your rights to original works. But the fastest and cheapest way to do it may be online.




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