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Creating Tag Lines and Logo Designs

Written by Richard San Juan for Gaebler Ventures

Developing unique and well-done logo designs, along with tag lines, are the first critical steps in establishing brand recognition. Once the brand image is established, it is much easier to use marketing and advertising tools and activities to promote that particular brand.

Have you ever heard that first impressions count?

Creating Tag Lines and Logo Designs

Most likely you've heard about it before going to an interview.

Before the interview, you iron your shirt and dress up in your best business suit. You do this, because you realize that the first impression counts a lot and will determine how the interview goes. If you go to an interview with a shirt that hasn't been ironed or with a suit that has holes in it, the interviewer will have the impression that you are not professional enough to handle the job responsibilities.

This is the same case with tag lines and logo designs. A company or small business is trying to market itself to the marketplace much like how the interviewee was trying to market himself or herself to the employer.

The logo can be a very effective asset for marketing. A good logo allows the establishment of the identity of a company to be much easier and is a factor in contributing to the visibility and popularity of the company.

The logo design that your company uses represents your reputation with the consumers. By serving as the company image, the logo is often used in advertising, public relations, and on products or services the company sells. Return customers who purchase your product base it on the reputation of your past products. The logo is the symbol of that reputation.

Take for example, the Playboy bunny. That symbol has come to be known worldwide as a symbol of classy adult entertainment. When Playboy's target segment sees the Playboy logo, they automatically think that product is something that they can trust and won't be disappointed.

Brand name products such as Sony, HP, and Motorola are other examples where their logos are easily recognizable. Each of them has long and stable reputations with each of their industries.

Furthermore, a tag line helps the company image and reputation give a lasting impression on consumers or other businesses.

First, what exactly is a tag line? A tag line can be a catchy phrase few words in length that serves as a company motto. A couple of the most well known tag lines are: "Just do it." from Nike and "Don't leave home without it." from American Express.

Tag lines express your company's most important advantages and what you hope your customers will remember about your company and products. The benefits of taking the time to craft a great tag line lie will most likely result in more business in the long-run for an entrepreneur or small business owner. In conclusion, designing logos and creating unique tag lines play a factor in creating a brand that will resonate with the public.

Who knows? You might be the lucky entrepreneur who establishes the next great brand that will let you retire at an early age.

Richard San Juan is currently pursuing an MBA degree with an emphasis in Finance from DePaul University in Chicago. He is particularly interested in writing about business news and strategies.

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