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Disadvantages of Using Project Management Software

Project management software has the potential to make complex projects seem like a piece of cake. But there are also some disadvantages of using project management software that you need to know about before you drop cash on a costly solution.

Few people would argue with the idea that project management software makes it easier for business leaders to stay on top of complex projects.

When it comes to tracking progress, monitoring budgets and supervising resources, a good project management software solution can't be beat.

But project management software isn't a panacea. In fact, there are some circumstances in which a project management solution can actually hinder the progress of mission critical projects. You'll find lots of people who are willing to talk about the advantages of these solutions - but you'll need our guide to tell you about the disadvantages of using project management software in certain project management scenarios.

  • Complication of simple projects. One of the most significant drawbacks of project management software is that it has the potential to complicate simple projects. If a project manager becomes so reliant on the application that it becomes a prerequisite for basic office functions, it could produce a work environment that is dominated by chaos and conflict. Similarly, the misapplication of sophisticated project management software to projects that require a more basic solution can make the management task overly complex.
  • Management vs. execution. Managers and team members need to constantly remind themselves that project management and project execution are two different functions. Once a task or event has been scheduled in the application, there is a tendency for team members to forget about it until they receive an alert that a deadline hasn't been met. Project managers have to look beyond the software to ensure that team members are making progress on their assignments between deadlines.
  • Inflexibility. So it is written, so it shall be. At least that's the attitude some people have regarding project management solutions. Business projects are highly fluid by nature - they require constant modifications and updating. Don't allow yourself or your team members to become so attached to the software that you are unwilling to make adjustments when needed.
  • Access concerns. Project management solutions offer the possibility of multiple user access. The most sophisticated versions of online (and some desktop) applications can enable access for dozens of users. The collaborative benefits of multi-user access are great. But you'll also need to address access control concerns to avoid unauthorized viewing of sensitive project data.

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