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Finding a good domain name for a business is a challenge. But, if your business website is going to be a success, you're going to have to become something of an expert on domain names.

Domain Names

  • What's in a Domain Name? - The Internet now has become such a vital aspect of marketing your business, and you've got to do it right. In particular, choosing a domain name for a company website is something that must be done with best practices in mind.
  • Domain Length Study - Conventional wisdom has it that a short, memorable domain is essential for website success. We analyze domain name lengths for the most popular websites. The results of our domain length research may surprise you!
  • Domain Name Speculation - Domain name speculation has grown into a big business in recent years. It involves purchasing domain names that look valuable, and holding on to them in the hope that someone might want to buy it off in the future. This can be very lucrative with high value domain names. For instance, was sold for more than $7million! So, what issues should you consider before venturing into the domain name speculation business?
  • Tips for Choosing Domain Names - People purchase domain names for many varying reasons. At times, the domain name is for a business purpose, such as an e-commerce website. At other times, domain names are purchased for personal reasons, as well as purchasing just to prevent someone else from accessing the name and abusing it. Whatever the reason for purchase, you should give thought to the choice of your domain name.
  • Add-On Domains and Parked Domains - Once your website is up and running, you might want to launch other sites. The default way of doing this is to open new hosting accounts and register new domain names. However, it can be expensive to open new hosting accounts, especially when you still have a lot of free bandwidth and space available in your original account.
  • Domain Name Strategies - Choosing a name for your Web site is an important decision when it comes to creating a Web site for your business. A good Web site name may promote your brand name, increase traffic flow to your business, and/or maximize the impression of your site.

  • Cybersquatting - Over the past two decades, firms have discovered the immense commercial opportunities of the internet. Premium domain names are a vital for the success of a company's website and online business. However, individuals and organizations known as cybersquatters specialize in purchasing premium domain names in order to sell them to companies for large profits. This article introduces cybersquatters, their tactics, and methods for companies to legally fight against them.
  • Benefits of Country Specific Domain Names - Most new websites have a tendency to go for domain names with a .net or .com TLD (Top Level Domain). They believe this will make their sites appear more professional and will have an international appeal. In many cases, this is true. However, it may be beneficial to consider buying a domain name with a country-specific TLD.
  • Tips for Domain Name Registration - Domain name registration is a necessary first step in establishing and maintaining an online presence. A well selected domain name can be the key to your new site's success in various ways, the most important of these being additional search engine traffic.
  • Domain Name Secrets - Before registering a domain name, there are things you need to know which might save you some money and time. What should your domain name say? How do you find an attention-grabbing domain name? To begin with, don't simply think of your domain name as the title fro your website or business. You should see it as a headline, something which appeals to the needs, desires and wants of your target market. What are the secrets to getting the perfect domain name?




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