May 31, 2020  
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Just like high school students, employees need report cards so they know how they are doing. Our articles cover the gamut, everything from how to write good employee performance reviews to how to define employee performance metrics . Seriously, if you're looking for insights on evaluating employees, this is one-stop resource for great employee evaluation tips and advice.

Evaluating Employees

  • Remaining Impartial When Appraising Staff Performance - Staff performance assessments can be awkward things, can't they? However objective you aim to be its human nature to let personal bias influence you.
  • Conducting Employee Reviews - Some entrepreneurs never conduct employee reviews. That's a mistake. Conducting employee reviews can have a very positive impact on your business bottomline.
  • Reviewing Employees - Reviewing your employees is both necessary and beneficial. By consistently reviewing your employees and providing honest feedback, both the employees and the company will be better off.
  • Measuring Employee Performance - How do you decide what should be included in an employee evaluation? Here are some things to consider when listing the criteria an employee should accomplish in the job.
  • Selecting the Best Evaluation Method for Your Company - Because each company is different in the way that it is set up, the industry it is in, and the type of employees they have, there is no best way to conduct an employee evaluation. Here are a few different methods to consider, and advice when setting up your own method.
  • Employee Performance Measurement - We share some methods of measuring employee performance that will be beneficial to the company.

  • Bad Apple Staff Members Part 1 - The old saying about one bad apple spoiling the whole barrel can be applied to the office setting. The negative effects of bad apple workers on an environment can be dramatic
  • Employee Performance Reviews - Most entrepreneurs wait too long to start conducting employee performance reviews. If you don't yet conduct performance reviews, here's how to get started.
  • Preparing for Annual Employee Reviews - Wondering how to conduct employee reviews effectively? Giving feedback to employees is extremely important. Here are some useful tips for conducting employee reviews.
  • Conducting Performance Reviews - As an employer or manager, you will need to conduct staff performance reviews at some point. We discuss some ways you can do it to make them meaningful.
  • ROWE - ROWE is a fast spreading technique used by many well established firms. It will be easier for you to start practicing this work culture since the early days of formation of your company. It boosts employee morale and increases productivity.
  • Bad Apple Staff Members Part 2 - The old saying about one bad apple spoiling the whole barrel can be applied to the office setting. The negative effects of bad apple workers on an environment can be dramatic.
  • Bad Apple Staff Members Part 3 - Bad apples work so subtly as to be virtually unnoticeable in the office. Is there a bad apple in your office?
  • Bad Apple Staff Members Part 4 - Bad apples work so subtly as to be virtually unnoticeable in the office. Is there a bad apple in your office?
  • The Pros and Cons of Staff Ranking - Staff rankings work on a comparison basis. Scores are given to individuals, these are designed to indicate if their performance is above, equal to or below that of their colleagues.
  • Annual Peer Review Form - Performance reviews are a necessary workplace headache. Peer reviews offload some of the burden from senior leaders and a good annual peer review form can provide a foundation for subsequent management-level reviews.
  • Employee Performance Evaluation - Employee performance evaluations don't have to be time-consuming or controversial. If your business needs a better way to conduct annual performance reviews, check out our advice for effective performance evaluation procedures.
  • Employee Self-Evaluation - An employee self-evaluation can be a useful tool for annual reviews. We'll tell you why employee self-evaluations are important for your workers and how you can launch a self-evaluation process in your business.
  • Performance Evaluation Performance Review - As a small business employer, your time is scarce. But your employee performance evaluation/performance review process is important, so we'll tell you how to conduct streamlined (yet meaningful) annual reviews.
  • Salary Increase Recommendation Form - Your employee is doing a great job and you've decided she deserves a raise. But how do you document the raise in a way that justifies your decision and protects your company from accusations of favoritism? With a salary increase recommendation form, of course!
  • Sample Employment Evaluation Forms - Love it or hate it, employee evaluation is a standard part of small business ownership. Good evaluation forms can make all the difference . . . But where can you find sample employment evaluation forms?




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