Employee Engagement

Example Survey Questions to Give Employees to Assess Engagement

Surveys can be a great way to measure employee engagement. Here are some sample survey questions you can use to determine your workers' level of commitment to you and your company.

Smart employers take a serious approach to employee engagement.

Although it's tempting to assume that your workers share your level of enthusiasm and commitment to the company, the reality is that in the absence of proactive engagement strategies, many employees will perform at the bare minimum level that is required to keep their jobs.

One of the tools employers use to measure engagement is an employee survey. A survey isn't the only way to measure the impact of your efforts, but a well-crafted survey can provide valuable information about your workers' attitudes toward the business. Surveys can be either signed or anonymous, and may include several of the following sample employee engagement survey questions.

"Can you describe the company mission & vision?"

Engaged employees have a clear understanding of the company's mission and vision. Rather than asking employees whether they understand the mission, ask them to describe it to you so you can evaluate gaps in their understanding.

"What is your role in the company's mission?"

It's critical for workers to understand their specific role in achieving the company's mission and strategic objectives. If you feel this type of question will jeopardize the anonymity of the survey, at least ask employees to rate their understanding of the role in the business.

"Does your supervisor take an interest in your personal development?"

Attention to personal development is a major factor in employee engagement. When workers believe their employer is interested in helping them develop their careers, they are more committed to their jobs and to the company's leadership team.

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your level of overall job satisfaction?"

Job satisfaction ratings create metrics that can be used to perform engagement comparisons between survey periods. Company leaders can establish job satisfaction targets and measure their performance based on employees' perceptions of overall satisfaction, but leaders should recognize that the reliability of this data improves as the number of people surveyed increases.

"When was the last time you were recognized for doing good work?"

Personal recognition is another key indicator of employee engagement. Employees who are periodically recognized for the quality of their work consistently outperform employees who feel their contribution to the business is taken for granted. With a little effort, you can translate this question into "multiple choice" answers that can be used as a metric for reporting and evaluation purpose.

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