August 9, 2020  
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Borrowing from friends and family can be an excellent way to find investors for a new business. We take a look at a few things to consider before having family and friends invest in a business venture.

Find Investors - Friends and Family Financing

  • Borrowing Money from Friends and Family - Borrowing money from friends and family is a tried and true way to start a business but before you do it, be sure to read this article.
  • Family and Friend Investors - Your First Financiers - After investing your own savings and before turning to venture capitalists, approach your loved ones for help. There is no need to feel shy about it, if you truly believe in yourself and in your cause
  • Obtaining Funding - Friends and Family - When deciding to start a company it is important to have enough funding to become operational and to get through the slow times. This article discusses the benefits and disadvantages to using friends and family.
  • The Friends and Family Network - The friend and family network is often the first source of money for entrepreneurs. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of raising money from your friends and family.
  • Getting Money from Friends and Relatives - There's a reason we have friends and relatives. Beyond the pleasure we get from their company, they can be a good source of investment funds for those of us who want to start a business that we can call our own. In this article, we discuss raising money from friends and family.
  • Sample Letter Soliciting Investment from Customers - Loyal customers can be a great source of investment funds for growing companies. Here's a sample letter asking customers to invest in a financing round.

  • Private Investors - Investments by friends and family members are a necessity for many new entrepreneurs, but securing money from other private investors is extremely important.




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