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Flea Market Idea

Written by Rayzelle Forrest Young for Gaebler Ventures

Discusses the advantages of starting a flea market business.

Starting a flea market business is one of the safest ways to become an entrepreneur. With the Small Business Administration reporting a start up business fail rate of 95%, starting a flea market business that is almost 100% fail proof can be an encouraging thought.
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Low Start Up Cost

Unlike other businesses that require thousands of dollars in start up costs, you could start a flea market business with almost no investment at all. Of course this depends on the amount of merchandise you already have that you can sell. If you have enough merchandise to begin with, the only costs you have to worry about is the fee for the vendor's space fee. This could be as little as $5 or as much as $50. If you do have to purchase items for your business, by wholesale in order to get the best prices.

No Long Term Lease

In a flea market business there is no long term lease to worry about. You rent the space for a day and you're done until you decide to rent again. There is no obligation to rent the following week or any other time after that. If you do plan to return the following weekend, flea markets allow you to rent the space in advance.

No Employees

There are no employees to worry about if you decide to start a flea market business. Usually flea market vendors will get help from family members if needed. However, there are a lot of vendors who work completely alone. There is now payroll to worry about or tax issues.

Easy To Sell

Items are easy to sell at a flea market. Selling is easy as striking up a conversation with flea market goers that stop to browse your merchandise. Don't be overbearing with visitors but speak in a friendly tone to let them know you are there to help them if they need it. Let them browse freely and they will ask questions when they are interested.

Starting a flea market business can be a cost effective way to become an entrepreneur. With low start up costs and easy access to merchandise, a flea market business is a great way to break in to the world of entrepreneurship. Many people make upwards of $1,000 each weekend in their flea market business.

Rayzelle is an entrepreneur and writer. Based on her experiences as an owner of her own dance studio, she will share her personal tips on being a successful entrepreneur.

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