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Socialbakers is an internet & IOT company, located in New York. Financial backing was provided by Index Ventures, private investors and Earlybird Venture Capital.

Company Overview

Company Name
Company Status
Private & Independent
Internet & IoT
Funding Rounds

Contact Information

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115 East 23rd St. 501
New York, NY 10010
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Company Background Information

Currently, Socialbakers is a global social media and digital analytics company with customers in 75 countries representing every continent. Socialbakers helps companies measure the effectiveness of their social marketing campaigns across all major networks, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+.
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Socialbakers Company Twitter Account
Company News
Socialbakers News
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Financing History

Venture Equity
Venture Equity

Management Team

Email & Social
Chief Executive Officer
Yuval Ben-Itzhak
  Yuval Ben-Itzhak LinkedIn Profile  Yuval Ben-Itzhak Twitter Account  Yuval Ben-Itzhak News  Yuval Ben-Itzhak on Facebook
Chief Operating Officer
Martin Huml
  Martin Huml LinkedIn Profile  Martin Huml Twitter Account  Martin Huml News  Martin Huml on Facebook
VP - Engineering
Pavel Sladek
  Pavel Sladek LinkedIn Profile  Pavel Sladek Twitter Account  Pavel Sladek News  Pavel Sladek on Facebook
VP - Human Resources
Dagmar Sevcikova
  Dagmar Sevcikova LinkedIn Profile  Dagmar Sevcikova Twitter Account  Dagmar Sevcikova News  Dagmar Sevcikova on Facebook
VP - Marketing
Omri Erel
  Omri Erel LinkedIn Profile  Omri Erel Twitter Account  Omri Erel News  Omri Erel on Facebook
VP - Product Management
Martin Triska
  Martin Triska LinkedIn Profile  Martin Triska Twitter Account  Martin Triska News  Martin Triska on Facebook
VP - Sales
Cesar Christoforidis
  Cesar Christoforidis LinkedIn Profile  Cesar Christoforidis Twitter Account  Cesar Christoforidis News  Cesar Christoforidis on Facebook
VP - Sales
Damien Landesmann
  Damien Landesmann LinkedIn Profile  Damien Landesmann Twitter Account  Damien Landesmann News  Damien Landesmann on Facebook
VP - Sales
Nikola Pantovic
  Nikola Pantovic LinkedIn Profile  Nikola Pantovic Twitter Account  Nikola Pantovic News  Nikola Pantovic on Facebook
VP - Sales
Charles Tidswell
  Charles Tidswell LinkedIn Profile  Charles Tidswell Twitter Account  Charles Tidswell News  Charles Tidswell on Facebook

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