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Looking for a good business to start? Wondering how to become an entrepreneur? We offer tips on how to open a business.

There is nothing better than becoming an entrepreneur. Here, you can get startup advice on several specific businesses, one of which is bound to be right for you!

Good Businesses to Start

  • Starting a Moving Business - Starting a moving business? Smart move! Families move once every five years, and there's also good money to be made in moving businesses. But opening a moving business isn't a sure thing, as we explain in this article on how to start a moving business.
  • Moving Company Permits - Starting a moving company? Don't forget to get a moving business permit. Without a moving company permit, you may be out of businesss before you know it.
  • Starting a Successful Moving Business - Wondering how to start a moving company? Did you start a moving business and now want to take things to the next level? This article, written by a moving industry veteran, offers some excellent advice on starting and growing a successful moving business.
  • Why Affiliate Marketing - Many people today are looking at affiliate marketing as a good business model to get into for a number of reasons. This article will highlight the pros of the industry and why it is the business model for the next decade.
  • Starting a Consulting Company - Starting a consulting business? If you have expertise and skills that others need, starting a consulting firm may be your ticket to the entrepreneurial ball.
  • Starting a Cosmetics Line - Many entrepreneurs start their own cosmetics lines. We offer advice on how to gain market share in the beauty industry.

  • The Part Time Entrepreneur - Want to dip your toe into the water and see what it would be like to be your own boss? If you're keen to wean yourself off of your 9-5 job but not ready to give up the security it offers just yet, then becoming a part time entrepreneur might be the way forward.
  • Starting a Magazine - Starting a magazine? The allure of owning a magazine is irresistible to many would-be entrepreneurs, but it's tough to make it in the competitive world of publishing. We offer some tips for starting a magazine that will put you on the path to publishing success.
  • Starting a Restaurant - Starting a restaurant? Are you aware that restaurants have a higher business failure rate than other businesses? The bottomline is that opening a successful restaurant is easier said than done.
  • Medical Tourism - Potential and Opportunities - Escalating medical care costs coupled with inefficient and inadequate national health care programmes have prompted citizens to seek treatment in developing countries providing competent and cost effective medical care. Countries like India, Singapore and Thailand have made impressive advances in medical science and have professionals and infrastructure which is on par or surpasses the best that the West has to offer.
  • How to Start a Magazine On the Cheap with MagCloud - Wondering how to start a magazine? Publishing a magazine is a big task. But a service called MagCloud makes it easy and relatively inexpensive to start a magazine.
  • Starting an IT Consulting Business - Starting an IT consulting business is an excellent path for those who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Here's how to do open an IT consulting firm.
  • How to Become a Sprint Nextel Dealer - Want to start a cell phone business? Becoming a Sprint Nextel dealer can be a great way to start a successful wireless products and solutions business.
  • How to Sell Items at a Craft Fair - What types of items should you sell at a craft fair? How can you sell your crafts in an effective way? This article provides ideas for types of items that will make the best crafts, as well as advice on how to make the most money from selling your crafts.
  • Businesses Your Kids Would Love You To Run - Juggling family and work can create untold pressures for working moms and dads. Understandably your kids won't see the appeal of you toiling long hours to make a success of your internet consultancy business. But what it you chose a business that appealed to them?
  • How to Start a Celebrity Management Firm - It is very interesting and challenging to enter into the limelight at the start of your career as an entrepreneur, and you can do so by representing some of the top most celebrities and public figures of the time.
  • How To Find a Business Idea - Trying to figure out what kind of business to start can be a dangerous way to go about actually starting a business. Very few businesses are started by trying to “select” a business, rather they are started out of passion and interest in a specific topic.
  • Flea Market Ideas - Flea Markets are great places to introduce your items to a variety of audiences. Here are some ideas to help you find the right good to market.
  • Starting an Event Planning Business - Event planning is a tough industry to break into. But for the right entrepreneurs, an event planning business can be the doorway to small business success.
  • Starting a Bed and Breakfast - Bed and breakfasts are popular startup concepts for new business owners. Unfortunately, many inexperienced entrepreneurs don't realize the challenges that come with starting a bed and breakfast.

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