August 12, 2020  

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Good customer service is contingent on having good customer service staff. Here's how to hire your customer service team and manage them to get the best possible results.

Hiring and Managing Customer Service Staff

  • Customer Service Performance Reviews - Customer service performance reviews are the linchpin tactic that allows you to improve customer service. Without feedback on performance, customer service reps will never improve.
  • Recruiting Good Customer Service Employees - Recruiting good customer service employees is the first step to take in any customer service improvement initiative. Fire the bad CSRs and start over. You don't have to play with the hand you've been dealt.
  • How to Hire a Good Customer Service Rep - Businesses that know how to hire a good customer service rep tend to outperform those that don't. Here are a few tips for hiring good customer service agents.
  • Attributes of a Good Customer Service Agent - What are the attributes of a good customer service agent that you should look for when hiring customer service staff? Here are a few attributes we think should be at the top of your list.
  • Motivating Customer Service Reps - Motivation is in short supply in many call centers. But as an owner or manager, it's your job to motivate your customer service reps. Here's how to do it.
  • Disciplining a Customer Service Rep - Disciplining a customer service rep is never easy. But it's part of management's job description and has to be addressed, especially when a call center employee is jeopardizing your relationship with your customers.

  • When to Fire a Customer Service Rep - Some people just aren't cut out for customer service roles. Although it will be difficult on both you and your employees, you need to know when it's time to fire a customer service rep.




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