October 27, 2020  
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How to Buy Advertising In Elevators

Buying advertising in elevators? It's not as crazy as it sounds. More and more companies are using elevator advertising to market a targeted (and captive) audience. If you're new to elevator ads, we'll tell you how to buy advertising in elevators.

It's no surprise that elevator advertising is gaining popularity as a small business marketing tool.
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Let's face it: Thirty seconds (the average length of an elevator ride) with a captive audience is something few entrepreneurs can pass up.

But entrepreneurs aren't the only ones who benefit from elevator advertising. Building owners appreciate the additional revenue and if it's a clever enough promotion, riders appreciate the entertainment value it brings to an otherwise uneventful experience.

The process of buying elevator ads is as unique as the ads themselves, at least when you compare it to the typical ad buying process. If the concept is new to you, here's what you should know about how to buy advertising in elevators.

Working with Elevator Advertising Providers

Elevator advertising is usually purchased through third-party providers who have preexisting relationships with multiple area high rises. The advertising provider will work with you to design high-resolution ads and select placements that have maximum visibility for your desired demographic. Contracts are typically offered for 3, 6 or 12 months with discounts offered for longer terms and additional locations.

Types of Elevator Ad Displays

Elevator ads come in a diverse range of styles and options. As the elevator advertising industry matures, it's likely that we'll see even more alternatives hit the marketplace. But for now, here are the choices that are available to you:

  • Display frames. Display frames are the most common elevator advertising option. They are lightweight and lockable aluminum frames that are designed to hold ads of various shapes and sizes.
  • Digital display. LCD displays are filtering into the elevator advertising market in greater and greater numbers. A single digital display can run a loop of several high-resolution ads from multiple advertisers. Ads can be easily changed at the client's request to accommodate edits or special promotions.
  • Elevator wraps. Wraps are constructed of a unique adhesive material that can be affixed to any surface on the inside or outside of the elevator. Advertisers have the freedom to exercise high levels of creativity with wraps and often produce optical illusions or humorous ad displays that leaves a lasting impression on riders.

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