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How to Start a Church on the Rock Church

Launching a Church On The Rock church is your ticket to a rich spiritual life as long as you can attract a loyal and engaged congregation. We offer a few secrets on the startup process.

Thinking about opening a Church On The Rock church? We tell you what you need to know to get started.

What Qualifies as a "Church on the Rock" Church?

There are scores of churches that call themselves the "Church on the Rock". It's a popular name because it's catchy and it communicates stability, integrity and other traits people look for when they shop for a new church.

Every Church on the Rock is different, but churches with this moniker are often independent, evangelical churches that are extremely savvy when it comes marketing and multimedia. If you're looking for an old school, traditional hymn sing, you probably won't find it at a Church on the Rock. On the other hand, if you're into contemporary music, a casual worship atmosphere and a vibrant community of believers, a Church on the Rock may be just the ticket.

For religious entrepreneurs, the kinds of churches that tend to fall in the Church on the Rock category are tailor made for church planting. The key is to make sure there aren't any other church plants or established congregations in your area that have already laid claim to the phrase "Church on the Rock" in their church name.

Church Planting as a Second Career

These days, many Church on the Rock pastors engage in church planting as a second or even third career. While some religious entrepreneurs enter the ministry after a successful career, others are prodded into a religious startup after a layoff or involuntary job separation. Either way, the transition from a normal W-2 employee to a church planter can be traumatic, especially if you haven't equipped yourself with the proper skill set.

The transition into ministry is particularly acute for individuals who are becoming an entrepreneur after years in big business. Corporate environments function according to a rigid rules and processes, so it's mission critical for new religious entrepreneurs to adopt a more flexible approach to their careers, workflows and decision making routines.

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