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How to Start a Messianic Church

These tips are perfect for aspiring religious entrepreneurs who want to open a Messianic church. Make sure you consider this advice before you start!

Thinking about opening a Messianic church? We tell you what you need to know to get started.
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Synthesis of Judaism & Christianity

Messianic churches and synagogues represent a unique combination of Jewish and Christian tradition. Theologically, Messianic congregations are firmly Christian -- many Messianic congregations espouse evangelical doctrines and beliefs. But at the same time, these congregations practice Jewish customs, making it imperative for Messianic church and synagogue planters to understand Jewish practices as well as modern evangelical culture.

Although there are no dominant denominational organizations in Messianic Judaism, organizations like Jews for Jesus provide support and resources for Messianic leaders and congregations. It's also important to know that Messianic Judaism is the subject of a fair amount criticism, mostly from traditional Jewish believers who resent the association of Jewish customs with Christian theology and evangelism.

Since Messianic congregations, churches and synagogues are usually independent, you will encounter fewer startup hurdles than denominational church plants. However, it's useful to participate in a Messianic congregation for at least a year prior to launch in order to familiarize yourself with Messianic worship and to connect with leaders in the Messianic community.

Branding a Messianic Church or Synagogue

Branding is an important activity for any religious startup. But it is especially important for Messianic churches and synagogues. Why? Because the idea of a Messianic Jewish church can be confusing to the general public, so your name, logo and motto need to communicate both the Jewish and Christian nature of your organization.

The small business community is wonderful resource for branding advice. Smart entrepreneurs know that it's a mistake to take branding lightly and have developed a number of techniques to invest and grow their brands. Although a professional marketing firm can deliver a first-rate branding strategy, there is a lot you can do to launch your brand using your own resources.

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