How to Start a Church

How to Start an Adventist Church

This advice is ideal for those who plan on opening an Adventist church. Read this advice before you start!

For those of you who want to start a church, we provide some good suggestions on opening an Adventist church.

Adventist Essentials

The Adventist (or Seventh Day Adventist) Church is a Christian denomination with more than 20 million adherents worldwide. On a global scale, the Adventist denomination is governed by a General Conference with smaller conferences providing administrative support at the regional and local levels.

Adventists subscribe to many of the same beliefs as other Protestants, with a few notable exceptions. Religious observances occur on Saturdays (the seventh day of the week) rather than Sundays. The denomination also practices a holistic approach to the human person that includes an emphasis on diet and personal health.

For more information about Adventist beliefs and theology, visit the Adventist denominational website.

How to Promote a New Adventist Church

After the proper denominational permissions have been granted, the task of promoting a new Adventist church falls on the shoulders of the church planter. Just like a new business startup, a new Adventist church needs to explore ways to announce its presence and connect with people in the local community.

At least part of your initial promotional efforts will need to focus on research. Market or demographic research lays the foundation for the creation of a strategy to reach unchurched families and individuals in your geographic vicinity. In many cases, market research will influence the communication vehicles you rely on to convey your church's most important messages to prospective members.

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