August 11, 2020  

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Want to start an import business? Importing products into the United States is easier than you think. It all starts with understanding the rules and regulations that govern importing.

Import Business

  • Setting Up An Import Business - An import business sounds like a great idea for a new launch. We'll tell you what's involved with setting up an import business and provide tips to help you get started on the right foot.
  • Transportation And Shipping Tips For Your Import Business - Transportation and shipping are the backbone of an import business. To get it right, you'll need to seek the assistance of several import industry professionals.
  • Import Business Forms and Paperwork - An import business can be a great business model for ambitious entrepreneurs. But before you start placing orders, you'll need to get a handle on the avalanche of forms and paperwork that are standard operating procedure in importing.
  • NAFTA and GATT Import Business Trade Agreements - You've heard about the NAFTA and GATT agreements. But what you might not realize is that these agreements have important ramifications for American small businesses.
  • Entry Of Goods for Import Businesses - What happens when imported goods arrive in the U.S.? If you're an aspiring importer, here's what you'll need to do to receive your products and deliver them to buyers.
  • Hiring a Customs Broker - Customs brokers can make life a lot easier for import business owners. Here's how to go about hiring a customs broker that fits your needs and business model.

  • Key Considerations When Starting an Import Business - Import businesses can be a lucrative way to make a living. But importing also has some unique features that need to be considered before you commit time and resource to an import business startup.
  • Importing Chemicals Into the United States - Interested in importing chemicals into the U.S.? Lots of businesses turn a profit from bringing chemicals into the country. But as you might expect, the federal government imposes strict regulations on importers of chemicals and toxic substances.
  • Importing Cars and Other Motor Vehicles - There is a huge U.S. market for foreign-made autos. But getting American drivers behind the wheel of a foreign auto can be a challenge, especially if you aren't prepared to deal with the import requirements for cars and other vehicles.
  • Importing Medications and Prescription Drugs - Is there a market for international pharmaceuticals in the U.S.? Absolutely! But the process of importing medications and prescription drugs into the U.S. is the fly in the ointment.
  • Importing Goods Purchased on the Internet - The Internet has opened up the world of global commerce to consumers as well as small businesses. But before you fire up the laptop and make an international purchase online, you had better understand the import and customs implications.
  • Importing Wine and Other Alcoholic Beverages - Wine has always been a popular target for importers. But alcoholic products are subject to strict import standards that need to be addressed before your booze arrives at a U.S. port.
  • Finding Good Products to Import - Importing sounds like a great business startup concept until you have to decide which products your fledgling company will actually bring into the U.S. We'll help you identify specific categories of merchandise that are good products to import.
  • Importing Flowers - Importing flowers can't be a viable business concept, can it? Believe it or not, cut flowers is a massive global industry. We'll tell you how to get your foot in the door and start importing flowers for profit.




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