August 9, 2020  
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Want to form an offshore company? Thinking about setting up a company in Canada, India, China or anywhere in between? If so, our articles on incorporating abroad are a must read!

Incorporating Abroad

  • Offshore Company Formation - Offshore banking and offshore company registration are often touted as smart business moves, but are they right for you? This article answers your questions about offshore companies.
  • Tax Considerations When Incorporating Abroad - For better or worse, corporate inversion transactions and other tax avoidance tactics can minimize the tax burden on companies that incorporate abroad. Although there are plenty of critics, tax considerations when incorporating abroad make it a viable option for many American companies.
  • How to Incorporate in Bermuda - Bermuda continues to attract a growing number of American companies that are interested in incorporating abroad. Foreign incorporation has a reputation for providing tax shelters and others benefits for U.S. firms -- and Bermuda delivers the goods.
  • Drawbacks of Foreign Incorporation - The prospect of foreign incorporation is an attractive lure for many business owners. Are the benefits of incorporating abroad real? Sure -- but there are also several drawbacks of foreign incorporation that need to be explored before you take your company offshore.
  • Arguments That Support Corporate Expatriation - It seems shameless for a company to incorporate abroad just to avoid paying taxes, but proponents of corporate repatriation are defending the practice as being good for all of us. Before you decide one way or the other, take a look at the arguments that support corporate expatriation.
  • Incorporating in Canada - Incorporating in Canada? For all of you Canadian entrepreneurs, we offer some helpful advice on how to incorporate in Canada.

  • Reasons to Incorporate Abroad - Companies that incorporate abroad run the very real risk of a PR backlash. But the possibility of negative PR might not be enough to dissuade you from taking your company outside the U.S. -- especially when you consider all the great reasons to incorporate abroad.




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