August 6, 2020  

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Working with unions is a challenge. Here's everything you need to know about working with labor unions -- from how to avoid them in the first place to building a strong partnership with your employees' union.

Labor Unions

  • History of Labor Unions - Although they aren't as powerful as they used to be, labor unions are still a force to be reckoned with on the American business scene. But to understand their role today, you first need to understand the history of labor unions in the U.S.
  • Labor Union Statistics - It's no secret that union membership is less than it was in the past. We've got the most recent labor union statistics and our analysis of what it means for U.S. employers.
  • How to Prevent Unionization - Unionization is generally not desirable for private employers. Here's what you can do to prevent workers from unionizing in your shop.
  • Negotiating a Union Contract - Union contracts are a sticky issue for many U.S. employers. We'll tell you how to gain the upper hand when negotiating a contract with a union.
  • Starting a Company With Union Labor - Labor requirements are a key component of a sound business plan. Here's what you'll need to consider if you're starting a company with union labor.
  • Acquiring a Unionized Business - Buying a business is a complicated process that involves a broad range of issues and concerns. But what if the business you are acquiring has a union workforce?

  • Disciplining Union Employees - Employers have the right to discipline employees for misconduct or poor job performance. But when it comes to disciplining union employees, special circumstances and conditions may apply.
  • Giving a Union Employee a Raise - Despite your best intentions, you may not be able to give a union employee a raise without incurring negative consequences for your company.
  • Benefits of Hiring Companies That Have Union Labor - Hiring companies that have union labor isn't all bad news. Union contractors offer small business owners several advantages that non-unionized contractors can't.
  • Why Employees Join Unions - Employers are almost always opposed to unions, while workers are often open to union membership. We'll tell you why unions are so appealing to your employees.




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