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Mailing Lists for Architecture and Design Book Stores

If you sell for a living, a good lead list is the key that can get you on the radar of architecture and design book stores.

Tried and true marketing strategies can be worthless in B2B sales because businesses and consumers behave differently when making purchase decisions.

In order to successfully sell to architecture and design book stores, segmentation is a must -- and we think lead lists are what can help you make that happen.

Always Start with a Big Lead Database

In the world of B2B lead lists, database size definitely matters.

The idea is to narrow your search to providers that can offer a large database of architecture and design book stores. Experian Business Services, for example, culls leads from a current database of 14 million U.S. businesses that can be filtered and sorted according to your exact specifications.

Simple math says that the amount of sales you generate will be directly tied to the number of contacts contained in your lead lists. As the size of the provider's database increases, so does your ability to to create a highly targeted pool of prospects.

Lead List ROI

Lead lists are a cost-effective way to generate leads in a B2B enterprise. Although there is an added expense associated with lead lists, the indirect costs of in-house lead list generation are far more than the amount of cash you'll spend to acquire a reliable list. When you consider how much time it would take your sales team to create a large database of constantly updated architecture and design book store contacts, it's not difficult to see why lead lists are an attractive alternative to internal processes.

Getting More Out of Your Lead Database

There are several ways to use lead lists to convert sales. If your architecture and design book store lead lists are up-to-date, they can enable the creation of customized marketing pieces. Promotional material that has been customized with the name of the architecture and design book store is more effective than generic marketing content.

After the initial mailing, architecture and design book store lists can provide the backbone for follow-up calls, e-mails and sales calls. The key is to use the accuracy of the lead list to your advantage and to maximize its potential throughout the sales cycle.

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