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Mailing Lists for Cable Detection, Installation, and Splicing Businesses

There's no question that the arena of cable detection, installation, and splicing businesses can be a steppingstone to hitting sales targets. What separates winners from losers is locating enough of the right leads to make it worth your while.

Industry professionals know that lead generation is the key to increased sales revenue. Without the right leads, your efforts to improve sales revenues will flounder.

In this market, new sellers are often disappointed effort alone doesn't guarantee market share. More often than not, intelligence trumps dedication -- and for smart selling, you need an exceptional cable detection, installation, and splicing business mailing list.

Lead List ROI

Think lead lists are cost-prohibitive? Think again! Although there is an added expense associated with lead lists, the overhead cost of maintaining an in-house lead generation program exceeds the amount of cash you'll spend to acquire a reliable list. If you factor in the cost of maintaining constantly updated cable detection, installation, and splicing business contacts, it's not difficult to see why lead lists are more efficient than self-generated leads.

Lead List Vendor Recommendations

An Internet search is typically the first step businesses take when they're looking for a lead list provider. There's nothing wrong with an Internet search, but Google doesn't tell the whole story. Many online vendors are big on promises and short on execution, so it's important to verify each provider's claims and references.

We've known many lead list providers throughout the years, but we have been consistently impressed with Experian. One of the things Experian has working for it is a database of more than 14 million U.S. businesses. Companies that sell to cable detection, installation, and splicing businesses rave about Experian's ability to deliver updated leads that have been filtered to meet precise geographic and demographic criteria.

Leads vs. Prospects

If you've done your homework, your provider will deliver an updated lead list that has been sorted according to company size, years in business, zip code and other criteria. But your work isn't done yet. Unless you are using the lists for mass marketing campaigns (e.g. direct mail), list contacts need to be further qualified by your sales team. Since the cable detection, installation, and splicing business contacts have been culled from a larger group of updated prospects, you'll have better higher conversion rates -- but you'll still need to expend energy to achieve maximum return on your investment.

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