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Mailing Lists for Laboratory Animals Businesses

The race to capture market share in laboratory animals business sales is a race you can't afford to lose. But laboratory animals business targeted mailing lists can give you a head start in the B2B marketplace.

A lone ranger attitude is dangerous and foolhardy if your organization sells to laboratory animals businesses.
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Good, third-party lead lists can bring stability and consistency to your sales strategy. But that isn't the only advantage they offer. Here are a handful of additional benefits lead lists give companies that routinely sell to laboratory animals businesses.

What Companies Sell Leads?

Google is often business owners' first stop when they're looking for a lead list provider. The Internet has obvious value, but it doesn't tell the whole story. The Internet is full of providers that are big on promises and short on execution, so it's important to verify each provider's claims and references.

Over the years, we've seen a lot of lead list vendors come and go, but we have been consistently impressed with Experian. One of the reasons we like Experian is because they have a database of more than 14 million U.S. businesses. Companies that sell to laboratory animals businesses appreciate Experian's ability to deliver updated leads that have been filtered to meet precise geographic and demographic criteria.

Lead List Integration

Most lead lists are used exclusively for direct marketing purposes. That's fine -- lead lists are fantastic resources for targeted, direct mail marketing. However, there are many other ways you can use lead lists in your organization. Depending on your circumstances, it might be possible to use the laboratory animals business contacts you acquire to launch prospecting, telemarketing or online sales and marketing initiatives. For example, by integrating lead lists into a coordinated prospecting and lead qualification campaign, you can quickly convert contacts into satisfied customers.

Why Lead Lists Drive B2B Sales

Mass market advertising won't work when selling to laboratory animals businesses. You can spend a ton of cash on a visually appealing ad and go virtually unnoticed in the industry. Unlike mass marketing resources, lead lists allow you to target your messaging toward a select group of prospects. When selling to laboratory animals businesses, the ability to focus sales and marketing efforts on specific types of leads is essential.

Where Do Lead Vendors Get Their Data?

You might ask where lead vendors find the leads they sell you. The really good lead providers are continually combing a variety of sources to improve their massive lead databases. Among other things, they scan utility company databases, and other data sources. On the other hand, be aware that some firms sell old, stale lead lists that haven't been updated in ages.

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