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Mailing Lists for Law Firms

Wouldn't it be nice to deal with increased competition? Direct mail lists might be the key to making it happen if your company sells to law firms.

Frustrated by the level of cutthroat competition for the purchasing power of law firms recently?

Law Firm

To dominate in sales to law firms, it's necessary to pursue a segmented marketing strategy -- and that means you have to be thoughtful in assembling your prospect lists.

Lead Brokerage Industry Overview

There is no shortage of vendors interested in selling law firm lead lists to your business. The bad news is that many vendors sell stale lists that have been sold to hundreds of other clients and haven't been updated for months, if not years. In the world of law firm lead lists, you get what you pay for. Reputable vendors charge fair rates, but they're still affordable and they provide a product that is vastly superior to the ones you get from discount vendors. At Gaebler, we advise all of our business partners to consider Experian for their business lead lists. In our experience, Experian is stands out from the rest of the field. They have a broad range of law firm contacts that can be sorted to meet your precise sales criteria.

Should You Buy Lead Lists?

Any B2B organization can benefit from lead lists. Yet the organizations that benefit the most from third-party leads are revenue-minded enterprises with a passion for reaching (and exceeding) their sales goals. For growth-minded companies, law firms lead lists dramatically increase your industry exposure in a very short period of time.

Best Practices for Sales Leads

In law firm sales, lead quality is just as important as lead volumes. Although the law firm lists you provide your sales team need to contain convertible contacts, the sales division may consume a large volume of leads to hit sales targets. If possible, verify each lead's contact information and move quickly to identify decision makers before investing time in law firm contacts who have little influence over their employer's purchasing decisions.

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