August 12, 2020  
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Looking for business capital? Have you considered microloans? Whether you are starting a business or growing a business, a business microloan can help you access capital. Mind you, business microloans are typically small loans, less than $35,000 or so. Still, an SBA microloan or a microloan from private microloan investors is a great solution for many who are trying to get a small business loan.


  • Where to Get a Microloan - Microloans give entrepreneurs loans when no one else will. You can get microloans from federal, nonprofit, and for-profit entities. To make it a little easier, we've assembled an abbreviated list of reputable microlenders.
  • Microlending as a Small Business Funding Source - Financing a small business is a little easier these days, thanks to the SBA Microloan Program, which grants very small loans to start-up businesses. We discuss how microloans work and why getting a microloan may be a smart financing move for you.
  • Domestic Kiva Microloans - Kiva is best known for the work it does abroad, helping the impoverished to escape poverty through entrepreneurship. However, you might not realize that Kiva also facilitates microlending to startup entrepreneurs in the United States.
  • Accion USA - Accion USA is a leading US-based microlender. With a track record that dates back to 1991, they have the experience and know-how to finance to American entrepreneurs who aren't able to obtain financing through traditional commercial lenders.
  • How to Get a Microloan - Do you need just a little bit of money to get your business going or take it to the next level? If so, microloans might be the right financing option for you. Here's how to get a microloan.
  • Can Microlending Survive Microloan Scams? - Given microlending's potential to finance small business owners and build the economy, it's a shame that some unethical folks are using microloans as a way to scam people and institutions out of their money. Is it possible for microlending to survive microloan scams?

  • Microfunding: The Newest Way to Get Venture Capital - Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to acquire startup capital. But there's a relatively new trend called microfunding that is helping many small business owners get funding. One company has created a platform to link microloan seekers with potential investors.




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