Starting a Business Via Network Marketing

Network Marketing Business Success Factors

For every networking marketing success story, there are a hundred people who left network marketing without ever turning a profit. So what factors separate the over-achievers from the early retirees?

You've done everything your sponsor told you to do, but you still aren't able to achieve the kind of success you expected from your network marketing efforts.

Network Marketing Business Success Factors

Now what?

It's possible that your network marketing company is a total dog and will never be capable of delivering the kind of financial returns you expected. However, it's just as likely that the top earners know some things you don't about what it takes to succeed in network marketing.

Here are a few network marketing success factors you ought to be thinking about.

Customer focus

Time and time again, the most successful business owners are characterized by a strong focus on customers. In direct marketing terms, you need to give your prospects your full attention. You lose credibility when a prospect thinks you are more interested in his downline earnings potential than in learning about who he is as a person. At that point, you will have a better chance selling ice to Eskimos than recruiting him to be part of your team.

Timely follow-up

Successful direct marketers do what they say they will do - on time and on budget. From showing up for a sales call to organizing a hotel event, make sure you follow through on your commitments. It's especially important to perform timely follow-up with prospects because they will likely dedicate only a short window of time to the decision-making process.


The world runs on systems and processes - and so do the most successful direct marketing businesses. Without becoming overly reliant on systems and processes, be intentional about automating as many things as possible. Auto-shipping is a proven way to maintain your monthly sales volume. But you should also consider creating your own internal processes, tickler lists, and databases for identifying and cultivating new prospects.

Consistent work schedule

After you have made your decision to pursue a career in network marketing, one of your first decisions should be to establish a consistent and sensible work schedule. Network marketing is your job - not your life. Don't allow it to overrun your home life or displace things that are ultimately more important.

Invest yourself in other people

If you believe the hype, network marketing is an every-man-for-himself proposition. But in reality, the people who are the highest earners often (but not always) invest themselves in other people at every level of the company. By helping other people succeed you create a network of allies who will return the favor by helping you achieve your network marketing goals and objectives.

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