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Applebees Goes High Tech

Written by Tim Morral
Published: 12/4/2013

Applebees announces that customers will soon be able to place orders, pay bills and perform other activities using tableside tablet devices.

When self-serve lines started to become mainstream in grocery stores, many of us thought it would only be a matter of time before franchise eateries began to integrate self-serve options and technologies into familiar dining routines.

Applebees Tablet Ordering

Based on a recent announcement by Applebees, that time appears to have arrived. According to a report in the Franchise Herald and other media outlets, Applebees will soon be able to use E la Carte Presto tablet devices to perform common dining functions like placing orders and paying checks as well as other enhanced online activities.

"Let's face it, everyone who has ever been to a restaurant has been frustrated by waiting for their check," Mike Archer, president at Applebee's. "Starting out, our goal was to create a way for guests to control when and how they pay their check. What we learned after nearly two years of testing is we can provide much more. The Presto tablet will deliver our guests a robust slate of offerings for not only transactions, but entertainment, social interaction and more, moving forward."

Knowing how to use technology to gain business advantage is important, not just for franchises, but for all small businesses. Although Applebees is one of the largest restaurant chains to implement widespread adoption of tableside tablet devices, it's unlikely that it will be the last.

By leveraging tablets, Applebees and even small local restaurants can substantially improve the overall dining experience, while decreasing the cost of labor and other expenses normally associated with exceptional guest experiences.

"We started developing the Presto tablet concept at MIT," said Rajat Suri, founder and CEO at E la Carte. "We are thrilled to be selected for a long-term partnership with the industry leader, Applebee's, and we are fully aligned in our vision and commitment to bring the dining experience for restaurant guests into the 21st century."

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