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Edible Arrangements Founder Built Success One Floorboard At A Time

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 7/21/2009

The multi-billion dollar gift franchise Edible Arrangements was founded with $100,000 and constant attention to detail.

Many small business owners who end up starting a franchise often did not plan to do so.

Edible Arrangements Franchise

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"If you have a business that is working, people want to be involved," Tariq Farid, founder of Edible Arrangements, told Inc. magazine. After his first location turned a profit within its first six months, he reports being approached by potential franchise owners within the year.

For those who want to break into franchising, news of a multi-million dollar franchise such as Edible Arrangements can be intimidating. But Farid built his empire brick by brick - or, in this case, floorboard by floorboard - he was so involved with the opening of each location that he personally laid the floor for some of them, the magazine reported.

Currently in its 10th year of operation, Edible Arrangements boasts 883 franchise locations in the United States, the United Kingdom and Kuwait. The company earned $19.4 million in revenue last year, according to Inc.

The key to Farid's success, he said, was paying attention to often overlooked details such as the website, order tracking and follow-up customer service, the logo and branding, and employee training.

The economy may need more entrepreneurs like Farid - according to the International Franchise Association, every $1 million lent to franchise small businesses creates 34 jobs and $3.6 million in annual economic output, cited Reuters.

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