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Home Based Franchises Are At Cutting Edge Of Business Opportunities

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 10/12/2009

Faced with economic challenges and layoffs, a new breed of American entrepreneurs are dipping their toes in the waters of work-from-home business opportunities.

Small businesses thriving in the current marketplace include a growing number of opportunities for home-based franchises, according to the latest report from Franchise Direct.

Home Based Franchises

As the economy fluctuates and changes rapidly in the new age of globalization and mass layoffs by big companies, American workers are increasingly looking for a chance to strike out on their own. This is good business news for entrepreneurs who see crisis as opportunity.

According to Franchise Direct, "home-based franchises are at the cutting edge of a shift in the American workplace."

The report found that more and more people are choosing to work from home because of the sense of personal freedom it provides, the opportunities for women entrepreneurs and technology advances that make sales and marketing easier on the internet.

"Practically every franchise out there can be tailored to suit the home office, with commercial cleaning franchises the most popular home-based franchises at the moment," Franchise Direct said in its report.

Although opportunities abound, entrepreneurs should keep in mind that a franchise may not always come up roses, which is why investigating the variety of industries and companies is a good starting point.

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