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IRS Mails Millions Of Postcards To Drive Awareness Of Small Business Tax Credit

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 4/20/2010

The IRS is sending postcards to millions of small businesses to tell them about the healthcare tax credit.

Important news for entrepreneurs is on its way. The IRS has begun mailing postcards to make small businesses aware of the benefits of the recently enacted healthcare tax credit. More than four million small firms and tax-exempt organizations will receive the mailing.

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The credit, which was included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act approved by Congress and signed by the president, is among the first of the reform provisions to go into effect. It is designed to encourage small employers to offer or maintain health insurance coverage.

Commissioner Doug Shulman said that the IRS "want[s] to make sure small employers across the nation realize that - effective this tax year - they may be eligible for a valuable new tax credit." He said that the postcard mailing is "intended to get the attention of small employers."

The credit is generally available to small employers covering at least half of single coverage costs for employees in 2010.

Postcards are just one aspect of a campaign by the White House to educate small business owners about the tax credit. The IRS will also contact tax professionals on its mailing list and hold more than 1,000 tax workshops and forums nationwide.

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