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Information Overload Awareness Day To Draw Attention To Billion Dollar Problem

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 7/13/2009

Information Overload Awareness Day will attempt to draw attention to the problem that costs the U.S. economy $900 billion per year.

Basex, an economy research and advisory firm, has good news for small business owners wondering how they can increase productivity without increasing costs - it may actually be as simple as reducing an employee's information load.

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Following their research that details just how damaging information overload can be to the average worker and company, Basex has declared August 12 to be National Information Overload Awareness Day.

Information overload, defined by Basex as "an excess of information that results in the loss of ability to make decisions, process information, and prioritize tasks," costs U.S. businesses an average of $900 billion per year, the company found.

The research also found that interruptions alone cost U.S. companies $650 billion each year.

To commemorate Information Overload Awareness Day, Basex will host an online inaugural event featuring speakers such as Max Christoff, managing director of Morgan Stanley and Brigitte Ricou-Bellan, senior vice president of Dow Jones.

Tickets for the event are $50, but participants who pledge not to multi-task during the event - such as emailing, instant messaging, or text messaging - will receive a 50 percent discount.

Small businesses looking to maximize productivity are encouraged to look into their information overload situation - according to the book Distracted by Maggie Jackson, distractions occupy approximately 2.1 hours of the average worker's day, said the Wall Street Journal.

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