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Kauffman Foundation President Offers Strategies To Boost Entrepreneurship

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 12/3/2009

Kauffman Foundation president Schramm will participate in the upcoming White House forum on jobs.

While reports of declining employment rates dominate the news, for small business owners this climate may result in beneficial government initiatives to boost entrepreneurship. Carl Schramm, president and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation, will participate in the upcoming Jobs Summit to discuss how the government can boost entrepreneurship.

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"With unemployment at 10.2 percent, Washington needs to create an environment where entrepreneurs and new companies can thrive and create the jobs that our country desperately needs," Schramm said.

He identifies some basic strategies he believes the government should enact immediately to help startup companies. To start, he suggests a "Founders Visa" that would enable immigrants who found new companies in the U.S. to keep their SMBs - and the jobs they create - in America.

Schramm also advises tax relief for SMBs. He thinks a tax holiday for young companies could lead to expansion and new hires, and certain new regulations could prevent harmful consequences for entrepreneurs.

Schramm also advocates Sarbanes-Oxley exemptions for certain young companies so they can offer IPOs more quickly.

Schramm's suggested efforts to help new companies reach their job creating potential could dramatically help decrease U.S. unemployment rates; according to a study from the Kauffman Foundation, the age of a firm demonstrates the strongest link to the number of jobs generated, with newer firms creating a higher average number of jobs than their older counterparts.

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