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NFIB Endorses Pat Meehan For Representative From Pennsylvania

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 10/19/2010

Pro-business group picks Republican candidate for congress

In Pennsylvania, one of the leading pro-business groups has endorsed Republican candidate Pat Meehan as its choice to be the next U.S. Representative from the 7th Congressional District. 

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The Delco Times reports that the National Federation of Independent Business has endorsed Meehan based on his commitment to making healthcare affordable for small businesses around the country. Pennsylvania's NFIB director, Kevin Shivers, said that Meehan was the kind of candidate who would be a friend to small business owners in the state and that he would fight to pass favorable legislation.

"Pat Meehan wants a healthcare system that would allow individuals more affordable choices when purchasing health insurance," said Kevin Shivers, state director of the federation. "He wants portability, so that Americans can change jobs without losing their coverage, and he wants tort reform that will help reduce additional costs being added into the system."

Pennsylvania's arm of the NFIB made other news for small business when it endorsed Tom Corbett to be the next governor. Brook Rush, an NFIB member, said that Corbett was "[Pennsylvania's] best chance to get back on the right track."

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