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Small Businesses Can Save Energy And Cash

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 1/5/2010

The Environmental Leader offers tips on saving energy at the office.

According to Suite 101, many Americans have made green resolutions and will start 2010 by making some eco-friendly changes in their homes. Now, Environmental Leader shares some green news for small business owners who want to cut costs and energy consumption in their offices this year.

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One of the biggest tips Environmental Leader offers small businesses is to use occupancy sensors to control lighting as needed. The source recommends putting the sensors in bathrooms, conference rooms, break rooms, and copy rooms to illuminate those areas as little as needed throughout the day.

Another useful recommendation is for SMB owners to use a setback thermostat to save energy during the off-hours. Officials from PSE&G suggests keeping the thermostat eight degrees above or below occupied cooling or heating temperatures, respectively, when the office is nearly vacant.

The Environmental Leader also gives the general reminder that lights and computers should be turned off at the end of the day to minimize energy consumption. This will not only reduce electricity bills, but it will also cut the costs needed for replacement bulbs and extend the lives of the computers.

In 2009, virtual offices became a major trend as cash-savvy entrepreneurs tried to cut costs on office maintenance; for 2010, these tips might help SMB owners reduce costs and keep office space which employees - and real estate agencies - might appreciate.

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