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Social Media Direct Marketing Might Give Small Business Brands A Boost

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 2/2/2010

A marketing experts advises tracking social connections' comments to get the most out of social media campaigns.

For entrepreneurs who find that word of mouth is important to drawing consumers in these trying times social media can be a fair-weather friend - offering consumers a platform to either endorse or tear apart a business in an instant. It may be good news for small business owners that one marketing expert shares insight on how to improve direct response marketing through social networks.

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Matt McCullough, director of interactive services at Rauxa Direct, told BtoB magazine that entrepreneurs need to remember where consumers are talking about a business is just as important as what they are saying.

The first step to effectively using social media for direct marketing is to know which messages to send through which mediums.

For instance, if a group of tweeters only use the platform to spread negative comments, marketers should plan to combat rumors and do damage control via tweets. Or if a Facebook fan proves to be an important brand influencer, a marketer should make sure to make posts related to key issues of interest to these connections.

McCullough thinks real time responses to consumers will make social media marketing a tool not just for improved customer relations, but also for acquisitions and retentions.

This may be good news for entrepreneurs, as eMarketer reports small businesses will spend an estimated $2 billion on social media campaigns this year.

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