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Survey Finds Small Businesses Optimistic Even As The Pinch Of The Recession Lingers

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 1/13/2010

A survey from CareerBuilder suggests SMB owners are cautiously optimistic for 2010.

In light of the recent White House forum on extending loans to small businesses, many entrepreneurs might soon start to feel the pinch of the recession diminish. It might be good news for small business owners that the results of a new survey from CareerBuilder suggest things are looking up for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Economic Factors

The survey results show some improvement from concerns that plagued SMB owners in 2009. While 17 percent of small businesses reported that they were unable to access credit needed to support their businesses in 2009, just 11 percent thought gaining access to credit would be a top challenge for 2010.

Moreover, 26 percent of small business owners who worried about credit in 2009 were unable to hire new employees, but only 22 percent think hiring top talent will be a struggle this year.

Overall, the survey indicates that entrepreneurs are cautiously optimistic about the new year. Brent Rasmussen, president of CareerBuilder North America, says "[M]any are hopeful that they will be able to add staff to support their bottom lines and remain competitive."

This could be good news for Americans looking for a job, too, as increased SMB hiring could help bring down the 10 percent unemployment rate.

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