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Wyoming Senator Calls For Repeal Of Health Law Provision

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 8/24/2010

Sen Enzi says small businesses will be hurt by healthcare reform provision.

A Republican Senator from Wyoming is making news for small business after he called on Congress to remove a provision of the new healthcare law.

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Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming recently told the Associated Press that a section of the healthcare bill that requires businesses to give 1099 forms to companies from which they buy more than $600 worth of services or goods during a calender year could be a burden for small businesses.

"If a guy who is cutting lawns for a job in the summer buys gasoline at the filling station and it comes to more than $600, he owes that filling station a 1099 or he could be a tax evader," Enzi said in an interview with the news wire."The money that goes to filling out these forms isn't going to make an extra sale, it's not going to produce a dollar of revenue for the business."

Enzi was in the news recently after he praised his Senate colleagues for passing the Mandatory Price Reporting Act of 2010. The bill requires price reporting on the sale of on the sale of livestock and dairy products.

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