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Cities Should Make Entrepreneurship Easy

Written by Ken Gaebler
Published: 2/22/2011

Harvard professor of economics Edward Glaeser says that struggling cities like Detroit should make entrepreneurship easier for its residents.

As small business startup news searches for any solutions to the currently struggling financial conditions entrepreneurs are still finding themselves in, one expert has some advice.

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According to Harvard economics professor Edward Glaeser in The New York Times, one way to help struggling cities, such as Detroit, is by making entrepreneurship easy. Glaeser explains that as cities grow bigger and older, layer after layer of regulation can build up "like grime."

However, to remedy this problem and eradicate it completely, city governments should establish task forces that will examine everything from local restrictions on taxi cabs to construction with the hopes of making the locality the easiest place to launch a startup.

Furthermore, he identified one more benefit for cities such as Detroit.

"Better rules don’t just empower Detroit's existing entrepreneurs; they also attract other entrepreneurial people," Glaeser wrote.

Cities aren't the only government entities trying to help out the small business sector by getting rid of old regulations. Earlier this year, President Barack Obama announced that the he would be launching a government-wide investigation to identify red tape provisions.

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