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Consumer Sentiment On The Rise, Researchers Say

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 2/4/2011

More optimism among American consumers can only be considered good news for small business owners.

Recent moderate upturns in U.S. consumer optimism could fuel a number of concrete improvements for the economy, according to a study commissioned by Citibank.

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Nearly two-thirds of the American public is confident that business conditions in their local area will improve over the course of 2011, the study said, adding that this represents an 11 percent increase in the past several months alone.

Personal financial situations were viewed in a more positive light in this study, according to the researchers, who noted a six-point rise in the percentage of consumers saying they were confident their fiscal status would be better this year.

However, Citibank said, consumers are still feeling cautious and some of the tighter spending habits that developed during the recession may have taken permanent root.

Nevertheless, experts say small businesses may be moving toward a resurgence, and that it may already have begun, given the tens of thousands of jobs entrepreneurs have created in recent months.

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