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Mississippi's Better Business Bureau President Gives Data Safety Tips To Small Businesses

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 9/10/2010

BBB introduces ways to help small business owners secure information

Protecting data is one of the most important things that any small business owner can do, yet many don't know the first step when it comes to achieving security.

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In a recent article in the Hattiesburg American that could be considered important news for entrepreneurs, the president of the Mississippi Better Business Bureau gave small business owners tips on the best ways to keep the sensitive data of their customers safe. One of the first things that the BBB suggests as part of its recently introduced Data Security Made Simpler is to find out which places, both online and in paper form, are most susceptible to data loss or theft.

It is also important to come up with a policy that will both allow those authorized to access the information to see it and make it impenetrable to those trying to access the information without the proper clearance. Once the system is in place it can also be important to let the customers know the ways in which your small business is protecting their security. Doing so establishes a line of communication and makes them feel more secure.

As many small business owners scramble to protect security, many companies have introduced new products to allow them to keep data protected. Hewlett Packard recently introduced the new ProLiant Micro Server, which seeks to help small businesses manage data at an affordable price.

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