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Professionals' Top Goal For 2011? Lose Weight

Written by Ken Gaebler
Published: 1/3/2011

Entrepreneurs are eying their waistlines rather than their bottom lines in New Year resolutions.

According to a recent poll, small business owners top New Year's resolution has nothing to do with growing their enterprises. Instead, it's all about trimming down.

Entrepreneur Early Stage Company

Top 1000 Professionals, an online social media company that operates a professional network within Facebook, recently polled 25,000 individuals to discover their top goals for 2011.

In what could be surprising news for entrepreneurs, the poll found that among surveyed individuals an overwhelming 42 percent identified weight loss as their No. 1 resolution for the new year. This was followed by 22 percent who want to spend more time with their family, 20 percent who hope to gain financial independence, 15 percent who aim to grow their business or work hard and, finally, 11 percent who want to quit smoking.

While many small business owners will fall short of their resolutions in 2011, USA Today writer Rhonda Abrams suggests changing how they think about these goals.

Rather than call them "resolutions," Abrams writes, entrepreneurs may want to think about their goals this year as "intentions." Why?

"An intention is a direction - a course you set for yourself. You can't fail at an intention; sometimes you can just get off course," explains Abrams. 

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