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Representative William Owens Joins House Small Business Committee

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 2/8/2011

New York Representative William Owens announced this week that he would be the newest member of the House Small Business Committee.

As the new session of Congress begins to take shape, House committees are seeing a shake-up in terms of make-up. Recently, New York's Watertown Daily Times reported that a new assignment that could be news for entrepreneurs.

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Representative William L. Owens has been appointed to serve on the House Small Business Committee. This new appointment will bring Owens' congressional duties to three panels, the paper wrote. He also serves on the Armed Services and Agriculture committees.

"The most important work Congress has is to create jobs and get the economy back on the right track," said Owens in a statement. "With this third committee, upstate New York will have a louder voice when it comes to giving local small business owners the tools they need to succeed and put the unemployed back to work."

According to the paper, the committee could be at greater odds with President Barack Obama and his administration's policies, as a new Republican majority believes the administration's increased regulation and enforcement of labor-friendly policies and healthcare has hurt small businesses.

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