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Small Business Owners Can Hone Skills With Summer Courses

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 5/20/2011

Taking a summer course can sharpen the skills of a small business owner, and open up networking opportunities.

Many business schools will be offering classes this summer on topics relevant to small businesses, and NuWire recommends that entrepreneurs take advantage of the opportunity.

Courses For Small Business Owners

The media outlet explains that taking summer classes at a local business school can help owners stay up to date on small business news, keep them on track with their goals and inspire them to set some new ones.

In addition, classes are an excellent way to expand a small business' network. Meeting new people in other industries - whether it be a classmate or a professor - can force an owner to think outside of their usual routine.

The news source suggests considering an open enrollment program, instead of signing up for an MBA program that can take years to complete. This way, managers can pick and choose classes they think would benefit them the most, and the focus of the courses are on learning-specific, actionable skills rather than working toward obtaining a degree.

As small businesses slowly climb out of the recession, they're anticipating the eventual rapid growth that may occur once they're in hiring mode, according to CNBC. Firms are preparing to sell themselves to potential employees, instead of the other way around.  

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