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States Considering New Laws For Home Based Business

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 2/15/2010

Many local government laws can hinder small business formation and growth. Recognizing the role that small businesses play in economic recovery, many states and municipalities are reexamining their laws and making changes that encourage entrepreneurs to start and grow local companies.

As unemployment has forced many Americans to consider starting a business, federal, state and city governments have considered revising certain laws and restrictions that can prevent their growth and success, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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One such law in Tennessee mandates that no home-based business provide customer service directly from the home. The city government is considering loosening certain restrictions, which is good news for entrepreneurs.

"We've got to recognize the changing and evolving economic environment of today without changing the character of neighborhoods," Rick Bernhardt, Nashville's planning department planning director, told the news provider.

A town in Arizona allowed a man to continue operation of a fish farm, which he used to sell fish to local pet stores, despite laws restricting home-based warehouses and complaints from neighbors. In Tennessee, the popularity of home-based barber shops and beauty parlors has made the government reconsider its restriction of such businesses. Owners of commercial shops plan to express their dismay over the decisions at an upcoming town meeting.

The health department in Alberta, Canada, reported an increase in home-based tattoo shops, according to 660 news radio. The local government will not listen to pleas from the operator as the use of tattoo needles poses too great a risk to the public health.

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