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The New Face Of City Street Food Vendors

Written by Jenna Weiner
Published: 5/29/2010

The business of selling food as a street vendor has seen a recent rise in popularity and a new generation of entrepreneurs.

CNBC recently reported some encouraging news for entrepreneurs in the food industry. The news agency says that a new generation of small business owners is bringing gourmet offerings to the business of street food.

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While street food offerings have traditionally been associated with pretzels and hot dogs, CNBC says a new host of offerings are becoming available, including Kobe-beef burgers and Taiwanese-style fried chicken.

Another major difference is the type of small business owners in charge of these operations. Instead of being immigrants or uneducated community members, CNBC says, "the new strata of vendors is a well-educated, tech-savvy one, using Twitter and other social networking sites to build a brand and customer base."

The trend is popular in New York City, but it has taken hold in other spots around the country as well. The news agency reports that gourmet street offerings have appeared in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland.

Further proving that the world of street vending has made significant advancements, a recent report from the Wall Street Journal said that vendors around New York City will soon begin accepting all major credit and debit cards at their carts.

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